Atlas of Osteopathic Techniques, 3rd Edition

Alexander S. Nicholas
This one-of-a-kind reference is ideal for exam preparation and clinical rotations, as well as an excellent refresher for day-to-day clinical practice. Get step-by-step, full-color guidance on manipulative methods commonly taught and used in osteopathic medical education and practice. More than 1,000 vibrant photos and illustrations highlight concise, readable text—all on the same or adjacent page for quick and easy reference. The third edition includes extensive additions to the chapter on cranial techniques, as well as significantly revised overviews of high-velocity, low-amplitude techniques, muscle energy techniques, and counterstrain techniques.

Teleophthalmology in Preventive Medicine

by Georg Michelson (Editor)
This book provides an up-to-date overview of the clinical applications, methods, and technologies of teleophthalmology within the field of preventive medicine. The ability of novel methods to detect the initial signs of neurodegenerative diseases on the basis of alterations in the retina is reviewed, and detailed attention is paid to the role of teleophthalmology in screening for vision-threatening diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and age-related macular degeneration. A major part of the book is devoted to novel imaging methods and the latest information technologies, including advanced mobile communication and Web 2.0 applications in teleophthalmology. In addition, the initial projects of an interdisciplinary cooperation in preventive medicine are described. All of the authors are experienced in the scientific and practical aspects of teleophthalmology, including e-learning, and have produced a book that will meet the needs of all medical care providers interested in using teleophthalmology.


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Essentials of Medical Biochemistry: With Clinical Cases

by Chung-Eun Ha, N. V. Bhagavan

Expert biochemist R.V. Bhagavan’s new work condenses his successful Medical Biochemistry texts along with numerous case studies, to act as an extensive review and reference guide for both students and experts alike. The research-driven content includes four-color illustrations throughout to develop an understanding of the events and processes that are occurring at both the molecular and macrolecular levels of physiologic regulation, clinical effects, and interactions. Using thorough introductions, end of chapter reviews, fact-filled tables, and related multiple-choice questions, Bhagavan provides the reader with the most condensed yet detailed biochemistry overview available. More than a quick survey, this comprehensive text includes USMLE sample exams from Bhagavan himself, a previous coauthor.

• Clinical focus emphasizing relevant physiologic and pathophysiologic biochemical concepts
• Interactive multiple-choice questions to prep for USMLE exams
• Clinical case studies for understanding basic science, diagnosis, and treatment of human diseases
• Instructional overview figures, flowcharts, and tables to enhance understanding


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The Lacrimal System: Diagnosis, Management, and Surgery, Second Edition

by Adam J. Cohen, Michael Mercandetti, Brian Brazzo
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