Pediatric Clinical Practice Guidelines & Policies, 15th Edition : A Compendium of Evidence-Based Research for Pediatric Practice

MRCP (UK) Passmedicine Part II 2015

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On Call Radiology

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On Call Radiology

Gareth Lewis; Hilten Patel; Sachin Modi; Shahid Hussain

On-Call Radiology presents case discussions on the most common and important clinical emergencies and their corresponding imaging findings encountered on-call. Cases are divided into thoracic, gastrointestinal and genitourinary, neurological and non-traumatic spinal, paediatric, trauma, interventional and vascular imaging. Iatrogenic complications are also discussed.

Each case is presented as a realistic clinical scenario and includes a clinical history and request for imaging. Multi-modality imaging examples and a case discussion on the diagnosis and basic management, with emphasis on important radiological findings, are also presented.

This book combines a case-based discussion format with practical advice on imaging decision making in the acute setting. It also offers guidance on radiology report writing and techniques, with a focus on relevant positive and negative findings to pass on to referring clinicians. On-call Radiology offers invaluable knowledge and practical tips for any on-call radiologist.


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Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders : Clinical Lab Testing Manual

Robert F. Dons; JR. Frank H. Wians

Bottom Line Information to Effectively Diagnose Disorders

The diagnosis, management, and clinical testing associated with old, traditional, and new endocrine disorders have seen numerous advances during the past 10 years since the publication of the previous edition of this bestselling resource. Updating its classic predecessor in content and format, Endocrine and Metabolic Testing Manual, Fourth Edition provides an authoritative and comprehensive resource on the clinical, diagnostic, and laboratory testing for endocrine disorders.

Presents Relevant ICD-9 Codes for All Procedures and Tests

Written by two widely respected authorities with more than 60 years of combined experience in diagnostic endocrinology, this medical guide is organized by endocrine organ system into 12 chapters. All tests within each chapter provide accurate, brief, but adequate, information regarding indications for the test, the procedure for performing the test, instructions for how to interpret test results, suggestions for further reading, and useful ICD-9 diagnosis codes. The book is laden with tables, making the information easy to find and use.

Enhanced Features of the Fourth Edition:

Expanded Coverage: Includes most endocrine and metabolic disorders and the appropriate testing associated with their diagnoses Improved Organization: Uses a more standardized format for easier use Sample Calculations: Assists in calculating complex formulas with ease and accuracy Highly Informative Tables: Summarizes critical information in a reader-friendly format

With detailed instruction on how to perform and interpret clinical test procedures, this practical reference is an essential resource for endocrinologists and pathologists. Newly designed and reformatted, the new edition enables quick access to complete and authoritative information about the diagnosis, screening, and management of traditional and emerging endocrine disorders.

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