Applied Pharmacology for the Dental Hygienist

by Elena Bablenis Haveles Covering the most commonly used drugs in dentistry, Applied Pharmacology for the Dental Hygienist, 7th Edition provides an in-depth understanding of the pharmacologic principles needed for... Read more »

Dermatoscopy of Non-Pigmented Skin Tumors: Pink – Think – Blink

by Iris Zalaudek

In the realm of non-melanoma skin cancer, which is usually non-pigmented, dermoscopy offers today a reliable tool not only for the diagnosis but also for the monitoring of the treatment outcome after topical therapy. Written by international experts, this text shows those already using the technique in dermatology or family practice how to extend its uses to non pigmented skin tumors.


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Lippincott’s Microcards: Microbiology Flash Cards, 4th Edition

by Harpavat

Microcards are a packet of review flashcards in medical microbiology intended primarily for second year medical students taking a microbiology course and preparing for USMLE Step 1. Features include: coverage of clinically relevant viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and helminths; a clinical case and annotated picture summarizing the laboratory diagnosis on each card; description of pathobiology from start to finish; grouping of a microorganism’s pathobiology into conceptual categories; and accessory cards that highlight concepts common to all microorganisms.

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Handbook of Neuroimaging for the Ophthalmologist

Author: Bhatti M Tariq, Schmalfuss Ilona

This book is intended for the practising ophthalmologist who regularly orders radiological studies, in particular CT and MRI. It focuses on the value of the clinical decision-making process when examining a patient, rather than providing a review of all the diagnostic ophthalmic or neurological conditions and their associated neuroimaging findings. A unique aspect of this handbook is the perspectives it contains from both a neuro-ophthalmologist’s and a neuroradiologist’s point of view. The book is structured around nine clinical chapters organized by clinical manifestations. Introducing these, chapter 1 provides a comprehensive outline of the basic physics of CT, MRI and vascular ultrasound, and discusses the strengths, weaknesses and pitfalls of the different technologies. Chapter 11 provides insights into CT and MRI protocols that are commonly used in the workup of ophthalmological patients. Each clinical chapter reviews the neuroanatomy and relevant pathways, and provides the foundations for understanding the clinical findings and correctly interpreting the radiology. Key to this is the inclusion of a case vignette in each chapter.

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