Removable Prosthodontic Techniques, Edition 2

by John B. Sowter This manual describes the procedures required to make dentures and removable partial dentures. The book outlines each step in detail, including some clinical procedures, and emphasizes... Read more »

Psychiatric Nursing: Assessment, Care Plans, and Medications / Edition 9

by Mary C. Townsend

Here’s the most complete and easy-to-use resource on how to develop practical, individualized plans of care for psychiatric and mental health patients.

It’s really two books in one! The first half provides the diagnostic information needed to create a care plan; the second half covers the safe prescription and administration of psychotropic medications. And, the concepts can be applied to a variety of healthcare settings…from in-patient hospitalization through the outpatient clinic…to home health and private practice.

Completely revised and updated throughout, the 9th Edition reflects all of the new knowledge and new medications in the field, including the DSM-5, all of today’s new psychotropic medications, and the 2012-2014 content in the NANDA Nursing Diagnoses: Taxonomy II.


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Lippincott’s Illustrated Reviews Flash Cards: Neuroscience

by Claudia Krebs

A must-have for mastering essential concepts in Neuroscience.
Based on the best-selling Lippincott Illustrated Reviews series, Lippincott Illustrated Reviews Flash Cards: Neuroscience helps you review, assimilate, and integrate essentials of complex subject matter. Developed for fast content absorption, these 200 high-yield cards support course learning and board exam preparation.
See inside for:
-More than 400 lively, full-color images that bring concepts to life.
- Spot flash questions to test your grasp of key concepts or equations on a lecture-by lecture basis!
- In-depth course review questions to ensure a thorough understanding of course material.
- Clinical correlation questions that associate key basic science concepts to clinical scenarios.
Bolded key terms for easy navigation and quick comprehension.
With Lippincott Illustrated Reviews,Seeing is Understanding


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Principles and Practice of Vitreoretinal Surgery

Author: V Narendran, Kothari Abhishek R, Charles Steve, Kreissig Ingrid, Shah Parag K

Modern vitreoretinal (VR) surgery has developed rapidly for the past two decades. Vitrectomies with 23-, 25- and 27- gauges are used routinely nowadays. The book has several carefully selected sections, which deal with every aspect of vitreoretinal surgery ranging from principles of VR surgery, basic to advanced techniques, evolution of instrumentation, expanding indications for VR surgery to role and advantages of VR surgery in trauma as well as includes a section on recent developments. There is introduction of vitreous and vitreoretinal interface giving a brief idea about its anatomy and physiology. Various surgical treatment procedures are available for the treatment and the latest techniques developed by modifying the previous ones are briefly explained in the book. It also discusses preoperative & postoperative conditions and gives a detailed account of the procedures to be followed to accomplish accurate and safe results. The book includes chapters like role of OCT in decision making for vitreoretinal surgery, anesthesia for vitreoretinal surgery, vitreoretinal surgical suite, viewing systems for vitrectomy, interfacial tension agents, exchanges and subretinal fluid drainage, endolaser, long-term intraocular tamponade with silicone oil, peripheral retinal lesions and breaks & their treatment.

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