Current Vascular Surgery 2012

51OkE8h-UXLby Mark K. Eskandari (Author)

This volume contains reports from the 37th Annual Vascular Symposium, which for nearly four decades has been sponsored by the Division of Vascular Surgery at the Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University. The chapters were contributed by 50 experts of national and international standing and were based on their symposium presentations. The full spectrum of vascular surgery is covered: changes in management of extracranial cerebrovascular disease, new treatments for lower extremity arterial occlusive disease, novel techniques for complex venous disease, and cutting-edge developments in aortic stent graft repair in the chest and abdomen. The chapter in this volume, which benefited from the spirited discussions after the corresponding presentations at the symposium, provide in-dept detail and “pearls” from the experts.
The text is divided into the following ten sections:
Cerebrovascular disease
Supra-aortic trunk disease
Lower extremity arterial disease
Lower extremity venous disease
Abdominal aortic disease
Visceral and renal artery disease
Thoracic aortic disease
Thoracoabdominal disease
Complex venous problems
Upper extremity disease


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Carcinoma of the Gallbladder: The Current Scenario – ECAB

by Elsevier Health Sciences APAC

Carcinoma of the gallbladder is the most common cancers in North India which is very difficult to treat as well as manage as it is associated with many important issues. The current volume covers the topic right from its etiopathology to its palliation and gives an overview on the current knowledge of the disease. The international authorship of this book reflects the multidisciplinary nature of the book and of the field of gallbladder cancer care. The book promises to stimulate studies to provide specific answers to some unanswered questions. Above all it will destroy the myth that gallbladder carcinoma is incurable and will thus benefit a large number of patients.

This edition focuses mainly on

Etiopathogenesis of gallbladder cancer

Management of gallbladder carcinoma

Diagnosis and treatment outcomes

Aggressive surgical management Molecular biology and pathogenesis of gallbladder cancer


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Computer-Aided Detection and Diagnosis in Medical Imaging

by Qiang Li

Improve the Accurate Detection and Diagnosis of Cancer and Other Diseases

Despite the expansion of the CAD field in recent decades, there is currently no single book dedicated to the development and use of CAD systems. Filling this need, Computer-Aided Detection and Diagnosis in Medical Imaging covers the major technical advances and methodologies shaping the development and clinical utility of CAD systems in breast imaging, chest imaging, abdominal imaging, and other emerging applications.

After a historical overview of CAD, the book is divided into four sections. The first section presents CAD technologies in breast imaging, which is the most advanced area of CAD application. The second section discusses CAD technologies in chest and abdominal imaging. The third section explores emerging CAD technologies in a wide range of imaging modalities designed to address a variety of diseases. The final section describes the current use of CAD systems in clinical practice as well as how CAD will play an important role in quantitative image biomarkers and imaging genomics research.

This book brings together existing and emerging CAD approaches at a level understandable to students, CAD system developers, basic scientists, and physician scientists. Newcomers to CAD research will learn about fundamental aspects in the process of CAD system development. Developers of CAD systems will gain insight on designing new or improved CAD systems. Experienced researchers will get up-to-date information on the latest CAD technologies.


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Manual of Pediatric Nutrition

by Duggan

The growing knowledge base of nutrient requirements, the continuing evaluation of what constitutes a healthy diet, and increasing awareness of the influence of diet in infancy and childhood on adult health have underscored the critical importance of nutrition in determining health and wellness in children, both in childhood and in the rest of their lives. The 5th edition of the Manual of Pediatric Nutrition provides the necessary background and practical basis for nutritional assessment and therapy for pediatricians, dietitians, house officers, fellows, and students. Organized into three main sections, (I) Nutrition and the Well Child, (II) Nutrition and the Hospitalized Child, and (III) Nutrition and Specific Disease States, the manual covers the basics of nutrition assessment, nutritional requirements, and feeding guidelines for healthier infants, children, and adolescents. Oral health and food assistance programs are also reviewed, along with the use of specialized enteral and parenteral products in the treatment of sick children. A wide range of pediatric clinical disorders are included in the section on specific diseases. Appendices provide conversion tables, information on drug-nutrient interactions, and growth charts.


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