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KJ Lee’s Essential Otolaryngology, 11th Edition

K. J. Lee
>”The leading guide in otolaryngology invaluable for board review or as a clinical refresher “For more than four decades, “K.J. Lee s” “Essential Otolaryngology”” Head and Neck Surgery” has been the premier national and international guide to otolaryngology. The eleventh edition of this classic reference has been thoroughly updated to bring you up to speed with today’s practice of otolaryngology.This concise, easy-to-follow book presents the latest clinical information to help you treat the wide range of conditions involving the head and neck or prep for board review. It is organized to allow for quick clinical recall and high yield review of the field s must-know information. FEATURES . The perfect otolaryngology primer and the ideal board review resource in one compact volume . Top-to-bottom coverage that spans the entire discipline, yet provides a quick, at-a-glance review and summary of key information in otolaryngology . Quick-access bulleted text . Board review questions at the end of each chapter to help you review concepts and retain critical information. Clinical pearls that bring you the wisdom and experience of expertsNEW TO THIS EDITION. Completely updated to reflect contemporary concepts in clinical otolaryngology. Improved organization to allow even easier reference, with chapters organized into otolaryngology subspecialties. More illustrations and tables on key clinical topics . New chapters:
Head & Neck Manifestations of HIV
Granulomatous Diseases of the Head & Neck
Acquired Hearing Loss & Tinnitus
Nasal Function & Evaluation of Smell/Taste
Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery
Facial Trauma
Orbital Trauma”


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Children’s Intonation: A Framework for Practice and Research

Bill Wells, Joy Stackhouse

Children’s Intonation: A Framework for Practice and Research is a practical guide that focuses on the nature, causes and assessment of intonation problems for children and adolescents. Highlighting the importance of intonation for everyday conversational interaction and the implications of this for teaching and therapy contexts, this book addresses the following questions:

How and when do children learn to use intonation for the purposes of interaction?  As children get older, does intonation become more important or less important for communication? How might intonation be used to support or compensate for other aspects of language? What are the implications for practitioners, parents and caregivers when interacting with young children?


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Diagnosis and Treatment of Children and Adolescents: A Guide for Clinical and School Settings

Brande Flamez, Carl J. Sheperis

A guide to treating mental health issues in children and adolescents

Diagnosis and Treatment of Children and Adolescents: A Guide for Mental Health Professionals is a resource tailored to the particular needs of current and future counselors, behavioral healthcare clinicians, and other helping professionals working with this vulnerable population. With in-depth content broken into two sections, this book first provides a foundation in the diagnostic process by covering the underlying principles of diagnosis and treatment planning, and then applies this framework to the DSM-5 categories related to children and adolescents. With research continually reshaping our understanding of mental health, it is critical mental health professionals make decisions based on evidence-based pathways that include the specialized research around children and adolescents. The leading experts who contributed to this book share contemporary perspectives on developmental considerations, assessment information, presenting symptoms, comorbidity, levels of severity, prevalence data, and other relevant factors.

Structured content of chapters provides a crosswalk between the DSM-5 and this book Updated content based upon the changes, additions, and revisions to the DSM-5 that affect diagnosis, assessment, and treatment Pedagogical features, such as learning objectives, case studies, guided practice exercises, and additional resources, to support effective learning

Diagnosis and Treatment of Children and Adolescents: A Guide for Clinical and School Settings is a critical resource for mental health practitioners and graduate students working toward a career in a mental health profession.

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