Textbook of the Neurogenic Bladder, 3rd Edition

Jacques Corcos; David Ginsberg; Gilles Karsenty

The editors of this comprehensive third edition of the Textbook of the Neurogenic Bladder have assembled an impressive team of world specialists to develop an essential resource for physicians, continence specialists, and other health care professionals involved in the diagnosis and management of patients who have lost normal bladder function.

The book provides a succinct update on epidemiology and briefly covers lower urinary tract anatomy and physiology. This is followed by a discussion on the pathophysiology of various types of dysfunctions and a clinical section that focuses on evaluation and treatment.

Different types of treatments from behavioral to surgical are reviewed, including the most recent and sophisticated pharmacotherapy and tissue engineering approaches. A special section is devoted to myelomeningocele, a congenital condition with lifelong repercussions on voiding.

Other topics such as complications, sexual function, fertility, maternity aspects, and prognostic factors round off the book. Each topic is covered in detail by several authors for a better overall understanding. A selection of reports and guidelines in relation to neurogenic bladder dysfunction is also included.

This revised edition builds on the strong reputation of its predecessors. It is an essential reference tool for urologists, nurses, and technicians involved in the care of patients with neurogenic bladder dysfunction.


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Alcohol Abuse and Liver Disease

M.D. James Neuberger; M.D. Andrea Dimartini

For alcoholics with liver disease, successful management must be two-fold: management of both their psychological/physical addiction to alcohol and their liver disease. Whereas in the past these two issues were approached by the hepatologist (managing the liver disease) and psychiatrist (managing the addiction/substance abuse) largely independently of the other, the modern way is a much closer collaboration between the two, the result being a more coherent, multi-disciplinary and better overall standard of care for the patient.

“Alcohol Abuse and liver disease,” with its joint focus on hepatology and psychiatry, will provide gastroenterologists/hepatologists and psychiatrists of all levels with a practical, concise and didactic guide to the investigation and clinical management of those with alcohol-related problems.

Edited by a practicing hepatologist in the UK and a practising specialist in psychiatry/substance abuse in the US, it will cover areas such as: Risk factors for alcoholic liver disease Interaction of alcohol with other co-morbidities Clinical assessment of alcohol intake Detoxification and management of withdrawal Psychotherapeutic and pharmaceutical interventions Treatment of liver disease

Key points, management diagrams and high-quality images will all be supported by the very latest in clinical guidelines from the major hepatology/psychiatry societies such as the APA, EPA, AASLD and EASL.

With increasing emphasis on multi-disciplinary speciality care in this area, this is the ideal tool to consult in order to provide the best care possible for what are very challenging patients to manage.


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Handbook of Olfaction and Gustation, 3rd Edition

by Richard L. Doty

The largest collection of basic, clinical, and applied knowledge on
the chemical senses ever compiled in one volume, the third edition
of Handbook of Olfaction and Gustation encompass
recent developments in all fields of chemosensory science,
particularly the most recent advances in neurobiology,
neuroscience, molecular biology, and modern functional imaging
techniques. Divided into five main sections, the text covers the
senses of smell and taste as well as sensory integration,
industrial applications, and other chemosensory systems. This is
essential reading for clinicians and academic researchers
interested in basic and applied chemosensory perception. Download

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Adolescent Urology and Long-Term Outcomes

by Christopher R. J. Woodhouse

Adolescent Urology and Long-Term Outcomes provides urologists
and pediatric urologists with a comprehensive and expert clinical
guide to the main urologic problems that can occur during

Fully covering disorders related to sex and genital development,
the kidney, bladder, ureta and urethra, Professor Woodhouse, a
world-leading expert and global pioneer in this field
systematically outlines the best clinical practice in the surgical
and medical management of these complex and extremely challenging
conditions, as well covering the long-term outcome for the

Given the sensitive nature of these problems and their effect on
adolescent patients, attention is paid to the psychological aspect
of such disorders: especially how best to manage patients
struggling to come to terms with what are very personal and complex
issues at what is often a difficult and turbulent period of their

Well-illustrated with over 120 figures including step-by-step
surgical diagrams throughout, chapters will also include a unique
“voice of the experts” feature – a running
dialogue between leading experts and Prof Woodhouse on the topic in

This modern, expert guide to adolescent urologic problems from
one of the leading names in the field will be an essential tool for
modern-day urologists and urologic surgeons, especially those
specialising in pediatric patients, as well as pediatricians and



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