Sabiston and Spencer Surgery of the Chest, 9th Edition Retail PDF

Frank Sellke; Pedro J. Del Nido; Scott J. Swanson

For complete, authoritative coverage of every aspect of thoracic and cardiac surgery, turn to the unparalleled guidance found in “Sabiston and Spencer Surgery of the Chest, 9th Edition.” Now in full-color for the first time, Drs. Frank W. Sellke, Pedro J. del Nido, and Scott J. Swanson’s standard-setting two-volume set is meticulously organized so that you can quickly find expert information on open and endoscopic surgical techniques performed in the operating room. With its comprehensive coverage of thoracic as well as adult and pediatric cardiac surgery, this 9th Edition is an essential resource not only for all thoracic surgeons, but also for physicians, residents, and students concerned with diseases of the chest.


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Signaling Pathways in Liver Diseases, 3rd Edition

Jean-Francois Dufour; Pierre-Alain Clavien

“Signalling Pathways in Liver Diseases 3E” again provides hepatologists and hepatology researchers with an expert overview of the complex and novel cellular/extracellular signalling pathways in the liver, and their role in liver diseases. The last few years have seen a great number of developments in this field, which in turn have led to new opportunities for innovative treatments; however the intricacy of these pathways and their interactions continue to provide a real challenge for clinicians. This outstanding book compiles the emerging knowledge into a single expert resource, cataloguing and organizing it into an accessible and understandable format.

With increased focus on the comprehension of cellular mechanisms involved in steatohatitis, cirrhosis and liver tumours, which has led in changes to the management of these diseases, this new edition also sees the introduction of exciting new chapters on key emerging areas such as: Autophagy Notch Pathway PI3K/PTEN Signaling in Liver Diseases Sirtuins Hepcidin and Iron Epigenetic Regulation of Hepatic Stellate Cells and Liver Fibrosis Oxidative Stress and Signaling in the Liver

Professors Dufour and Clavien have assembled an all-star cast of chapter authors, each of whom will provide write a clear yet comprehensive review of their chosen topic. Chapters will contain clear and appropriate illustrations to reinforce the text, with a key points box offering a concise and handy summary. Self-assessment questions and answers allow the reader to test their own knowledge. “Signalling Pathways in Liver Diseases 3E” is the perfect educational and reference tool to bridge the information exchange between the laboratory, the clinical ward, and the operating room, and an essential tool for the modern-day hepatologist.


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DSM-5 5th Edition

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