Vulval Dermatologic Diagnosis: Diagnosis

by Clinical Presenting Sign by Giuseppe Micali, Pompeo Donofrio

Rather than categorizing vulvar disorders by standard classifications such as neoplastic, inflammatory, or infective, this book describes the disorders by key presenting symptoms—such as erythema, bullae, plaques, cysts, or ulcers. This approach allows clinicians to quickly formulate a correct diagnosis.

Vulval Dermatologic Diagnosis: Diagnosis by Clinical Presenting Sign combines clinical images with short, concise descriptions to facilitate the timely and correct identification of various vulvar disorders.

The book includes hundreds of color clinical photographs for ease of diagnosis. For many disorders, a clinical description, etiology, epidemiology, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, and treatment are also included.

Written by leaders in the field with extensive clinical expertise in the area, these distinguished physicians and scientists consolidate decades of experience into one single volume. This book is a valuable and useful resource for dermatologists, gynecologists, family physicians, and medical students.


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Physicians’ Cancer Chemotherapy Drug Manual 2015

Edward Chu, MD-Professor of Medicine, Chief, Division of Hematology-Oncology, Deputy Director, University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaDr. Edward Chu is a Professor of Medicine, Chief of the Division of Hematology-Oncology, and Deputy Director at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute. He received his MD degree from Brown University, where he also completed his residency training in Internal Medicine Residency. He then went to the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, MD for fellowship training in Medical Oncology. Following completion of his fellowship, he remained at the NCI as a Senior Clinical Investigator. In 1996, he was recruited as a Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology at the Yale University School of Medicine where he assumed the positions of Director of the VACT Cancer Center, Associate Director of the Yale Cancer Center, and co-Director of the Developmental Therapeutics Program at the Yale Cancer Center.
Dr. Chu is well-known for his basic research that has investigated the determinants of resistance to the fluoropyrimidine class of anticancer agents. In particular, his group has made seminal observations on the regulation of expression of thymidylate synthase, a critical target in cancer chemotherapy, with specific focus on elucidating novel translational regulatory mechanisms. In addition, his group is actively involved in developing novel compounds and strategies for the treatment of colorectal cancer as well as other human malignancies. He has worked closely with a number of drug companies to develop novel agents, and these companies include Roche, Bristol-MyersSquibb, Astra Zeneca, Eli Lilly, Pharmacia, GlaxoSmithKline, Imclone, Vion, and Tularik.  He serves on the scientific advisory boards of Advrx Pharmaceuticals, Celator, Etex, Phytoceutica, and Eximias, all of which are drug development companies.
He is the author of the Physicians’ Cancer Chemotherapy Drug Manual, which is now in its sixth edition, and this drug manual includes a comprehensive review of all of the main drugs and drug regimens currently used in clinical practice for oncology. He is the founding Editor-in-Chief of the clinical journal Clinical Colorectal Cancer and is the Chairman of the International Colorectal Congress, which is an annual international meeting focusing on management and treatment of colorectal cancer.Additional Titles by this AuthorPocket Guide to Chemotherapy ProtocolsISBN-13: 9781449646813Ortho Biotech Special Edition Pocket Guide to Chemotherapy ProtocolsISBN-13: 9780763760717

Completely revised and updated for 2015, the Physicians’ Cancer Chemotherapy Drug Manual is an up-to-date guide to the latest information on standard therapy and recent advances in the field. Written by world-class experts in clinical cancer therapeutics, this essential reference provides a complete, easy-to-use catalogue of over 100 drugs and commonly used drug regimens—both on- and off-label—for the treatment of all the major cancers.


Revised to reflect rapid advances in the field, incorporating treatment strategies and new drugs like afatinib, ceritinib, ibrutinib, idelalisib, obinutuzumab, and ramucirumab. A specific chapter focused on profiling antiemetic drugs and antiemetic treatment regimens. Diagrams of drug structures and pathways for many of the agents. Offers a comprehensive discussion of clinical pharmacology, special considerations, indications, and dosages. Covers toxicity and drug–drug interactions. A section on chemotherapy regimens for all major cancers. Provides an overview of the basic principles of cancer drug therapy.


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Little Black Book of Urology, 3rd Edition

Pamela Ellsworth, MD-Department of Urology, Brown University Medical Center, Providence, Rhode IslandPamela Ellsworth, MD, is an Associate Professor of Urology, Surgery, and Pediatrics at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. Dr. Ellsworth is the author of Jones and Bartlett’s Primary Care Essentials: Urology, The Little Black Book of Urology, Tarascon Pocket Urologica, 100 Questions & Answers About Erectile Dysfunction, 100 Questions & Answers About Prostate Cancer, 100 Questions & Answers About Bladder Cancer, and 100 Questions & Answers About Overactive Bladder and Incontinence as well as numerous book chapters and peer-reviewed journal articles. She has lectured throughout the world on a variety of urologic topics.Additional Titles by this Author20 Questions and Answers about Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer (mCRCP) ISBN-13: 9781284048360100 Questions & Answers About Prostate CancerISBN-13: 9781284052442Tarascon Pocket UrologicaISBN-13: 9780763791919

The Little Black Book of Urology, Third Edition provides comprehensive, concise, evidence-based information on the diagnosis and treatment of urological disorders. Thoroughly revised and updated, the third edition includes valuable information on advances in the management of prostate cancer, the staging of testicular cancer and detection of bladder cancer.

The Little Black Book of Urology is a great quick reference for solving pressing urologic problems on the ward or in the clinic.


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Step by Step® Ovulation Induction

Author: Ghumman Surveen

The book attempts to bring forth practical information with recent advances in ovulation induction and attempts to solve dilemmas in management of infertile couples to bring a successful pregnancy in these patients. They contain various sections like anovulation, test for ovulation, oral ovulogens, premature luteinization, ovarian stimulation for the poor responder, hypogonadotropic hypogonadism and ovulation induction, role of androgens in ovulation induction and mild ovarian stimulation. Premature luteinization has been discussed extensively as it has an important role in any stimulation protocol. The book also discusses about the role of androgens in ovulation induction, how they are used for the improvement in the quality and number of oocytes and embryo. They also deal with the various reproductive technologies used in improving the estrogen content or to control the ovarian stimulations. They also explain about the methods for multifetal pregnancy reduction and its various complications related to them. Detailed examinations of ovary, pelvic region and uterus using ultrasonography and color Doppler imaging are explained with images.

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