Pediatric Aerodigestive Disorders

Kenan Haver

Featuring topics by a wide range health care professionals across the specialties who care for children with these disorders, Pediatric Aerodigestive Disorders presents a clinical set of problems that are disease, not specialty specific, and approaches them from the various standpoints of the different specialties to highlight how each can work together to identify a unified diagnosis and proper treatment.

This philosophy is based on a five-year experience between the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary and the Massachusetts General Hospital for Children, where a core team of pediatric otolaryngologists, pulmonologists, gastroenterologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and speech-language pathologists see patients together, viewing them from differing perspectives, using different tests to arrive at diagnoses, and performing joint procedures as necessary.

The outcome is a book and DVD package that is at once novel, exciting, and educational. It represents a cross-fertilization of thoughts and ideas from a seemingly diverse group of specialists that focuses on specific pediatric disease-based and pediatric voice pathology-based topics.


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Oxford Handbook of Clinical Diagnosis 3rd Edition

Huw Llewelyn; Hock Aun Ang; Keir Lewis; Anees Al-abdullah
>Now revised for its third edition, the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Diagnosis provides a concise and practical summary of the reasoning processes behind clear and confident diagnosis. The handbook is set out systematically with symptoms and signs through each specialty, and includes a detailed description of the basis of logical evidence-based differential diagnosis.
This new edition has been updated with clearer diagrams and brand new images. Including rarer diagnoses alongside the common conditions, and vital information about longer-term management alongside the initial treatments, this handbook will ensure your excellence and confidence no matter what signs and symptoms your patient presents with. Providing practical help when dealing with problems outside your area of expertise or with unforeseen situations, you can be sure that this handbook will be your perfect companion to clear and confident diagnoses throughout your medical career.


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Hearing Loss: The Otolaryngologist’s Guide to Amplification

Richard Seewald

Currently, most hearing loss cannot be helped by surgery or medications. The most appropriate treatment for most sensorineural and some conductive hearing loss is with properly fitted hearing aids. This textbook, representing the collaborative efforts of leading otologists and audiologists, is designed for otolaryngologists, both those in training as well as in practice, to enhance the basic knowledge of hearing aid mechanics and dispensing taught in residency programs.

The text has informative chapters on special testing, real-ear measurements, the requirements of fitting the pediatric patient with hearing loss, as well as the patient with tinnitus and hearing loss that otolaryngologists can expect to see commonly in practice. The increasing body of the “science” of hearing aid fitting is addressed in chapters covering evidence-based prescribing of hearing aids, as well as future trends to be expected in hearing aid and otologic research. Practical suggestions on professional marketing of hearing aids, as well as a breakdown of the economics of hearing aid dispensing to enhance profitability in today’s increasingly difficult practice environment are also well covered.

The text is sure to enhance the knowledge base of the otolaryngologist in one of the fastest growing areas within the specialty.


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Keratoprostheses and Artificial Corneas: Fundamentals and Surgical Applications

by M. Soledad Cortina, Jose de la Cruz
This book covers the field of keratoprosthesis in detail and focuses specifically on the Boston type 1 keratoprosthesis (KPro), which is the device most widely used today. Extensive information is provided on all aspects of KPro surgery, from history and preoperative evaluation to surgical techniques and postoperative management of complications. Surgical videos are included that will aid both beginning and advanced corneal surgeons in mastering these procedures. In addition, essential basic science concepts relevant to keratoprosthesis surgery are explained and other keratoprostheses in use around the world are considered. A brief overview of integrating artificial corneas is provided and the future of keratoprosthesis is also discussed. The book is written by some of the most distinguished and renowned experts in the field.


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