Case Studies in Assisted Reproduction: Common and Uncommon Presentations

by Nick S. Macklon (Editor), Human Fatemi (Editor), Robert Norman (Editor), Pasquale Patrizio (Editor)
Clinical Case Studies have long been recognized as a useful adjunct to problem-based learning and continuing professional development. They emphasize the need for clinical reasoning, integrative thinking, problem-solving, communication, teamwork and self-directed learning – all desirable generic skills for health care professionals. This volume contains a selection of cases on assisted reproduction that will inform and challenge reproductive medicine practitioners at all stages in their careers. Both common and uncommon cases are included. The aim is to reinforce diagnostic skill through careful analysis of individual presenting patterns, and to guide treatment decisions. Each case consists of a clinical history, examination findings and special investigations, before a diagnosis is made. Clinical issues raised by each case are discussed and major teaching points emphasized. Selective references are provided. The book provides a useful complementary adjunct to existing textbooks of reproductive medicine, and an excellent resource for teaching and continuing professional development.

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Head and Neck Vascular Anomalies: A Practical Case-Based Approach

Sanjay R. Parikh

Includes 65 cases and 380 images!

Vascular anomalies are encountered in the daily practice of many medical and surgical disciplines, but commonly occur in the head and neck. These disorders of blood vessel development – including hemangiomas and vascular malformations – can be challenging as treatment approaches vary depending on the lesion’s clinical characteristics, the disciplines involved, and the experience of the physician.

Head and Neck Vascular Anomalies: A Practical Case-Based Approach offers a focused, multidisciplinary guide to the management of simple and complex vascular lesions based on type and location, with specific treatment suggestions using clinical and scientific evidence. With contributed chapters from international leaders in the field, this text provides consistent and straightforward techniques to treating both frequently encountered as well as less common vascular anomalies.

Initial steps for diagnosis, followed by a recommended treatment approach are illustrated with photographs, imaging, and demonstrations of surgical or alternative therapies. This text is based on current literature and aims to present a timeless algorithm for each lesion type.

Dr. Richter and Dr. Suen have more than 40 years combined experience in treating these lesions. Their Vascular Anomalies Center at Arkansas Children’s Hospital was one of the earliest treatment centers for these disorders and is now world-renowned for its clinical expertise and multidisciplinary approach.

Their case-based approach is an efficient resource for physicians in a variety of specialties. With the increasing number of vascular anomaly centers emerging, along with the recent advancements in the field, Head and Neck Vascular Anomalies: A Practical Case-Based Approach is the ideal resource for physicians.

This book will be of interest to:

Otolaryngologists-Head and Neck Surgeons Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons Dermatologists Pediatric Surgeons and Pediatricians General Surgeons Radiologists Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons Oncologists

From the Preface
“We designed Head and Neck Vascular Anomalies: A Practical Case-Based Approach’ with the goal to provide hands-on, step-by-step, management algorithms for specific vascular anomalies of the head and neck encountered in daily practice. This is a condensed, multidisciplinary, practical guide for both simple and complex lesions. Our colleagues in otolaryngology, dermatology, pediatric surgery, plastic surgery, oncology, and interventional radiology have all contributed amazing cases with clinical detail, scientific evidence, and therapeutic options.

In each chapter, the initial steps to diagnose a vascular lesion are followed by a recommended treatment in a case-based format with photographs, radiographic imaging, and alternative therapies. All cases are based upon current literature with the aim to give state-of-the-art information on the majority of head and neck vascular anomalies. Medical, radiographic, and surgical techniques for frequently encountered and more difficult vascular anomalies are described.”
–Editors, Gresham T. Richter and James Y. Suen



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Oxford Handbook of Clinical Examination and Practical Skills 2nd Edition

Dr. James Thomas; Dr. Tanya Monaghan
>Fully updated and revised for its second edition, the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Examination and Practical Skills is the only truly comprehensive pocket guide to all aspects of history taking, physical examination, practical procedures, data interpretation, and communication skills. Packed with expert knowledge and practical guidance it gives realistic advice on coping with common situations. The handbook is structured to allow rapid reference of key information, and to aid understanding with concise and practical clinical guidance. Full colour throughout, it includes over 140 detailed photographs and diagrams of all common examination skills to show you exactly what you need to do and the theory, practice and complications for each. More photos have been included, with over half completely new and specially produced for this edition. Each system chapter covers applied anatomy, history, examination, and the presentation of common and important disorders. Data interpretation covers the basics of x-rays, ECGs and other key areas. A new chapter on the eyes is included along with the sections on body language and non-verbal communication, and the section on practical procedures has been expanded. This handbook will help to ensure you have the confidence and skill to carry out an ‘A’ grade examination every time.


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Advances in Dermatology Research

Advances in Dermatology Research presents original research results on the leading edge of dermatology. Each chapter has been carefully selected in an attempt to present substantial advances across a broad spectrum. Some topics discusses in this book include pemphigoid; cyanosis, and acne. (Imprint: Nova Biomedical)

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