Phlebotomy Essentials, 6th Edition

Smith’s Recognizable Patterns of Human Deformation, 4th Edition

by John M. Graham

Smith’s Recognizable Patterns of Human Deformation is the only book devoted to the diagnosis and management of birth defects resulting from mechanical forces in late gestation. It equips you with the evidenced-based guidance you need to intervene in a timely and effective manner to avoid long-term adverse secondary consequences.

• Guides you through the initial clinical approach to suspected deformation problems, and then walks you through pathogenesis, diagnostic features, management, prognosis, and counseling for each condition.
• Addresses a full range of lower extremity deformations · joint dislocations · nerve palsies · chest and spinal deformations · head and neck deformations · craniosynostoses and cranial bone variations · problems associated with abnormal birth presentation, birth palsies, and procedure-related defects · infant head shape variations and torticollis.
• Helps you to distinguish deformations from malformations so you can manage them appropriately.


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Massage Therapist’s Guide to Pathology : Critical Thinking and Practical Application, 6th Edition

Ruth Werner
A Massage Therapist’s Guide to Pathology, the best-selling pathology book, continues to set the standard through up-to-date, evidence-based content, an outstanding full color illustration program, and a friendly, accessible writing style. With skill and passion, respected author and lifelong educator Ruth Werner makes pathology fascinating and understandable for massage therapy students and prepares them to make professional choices that result in the best possible outcomes for clients living with a wide range of diseases and conditions.

To ensure competent, safe practice, the Sixth Edition now emphasizes evidence-informed practice and offers a stronger focus on helping students develop the clinical reasoning and critical thinking skills they will need for complex decision- making. Well-established educational building blocks take learners from key word vocabulary through to more complex skills, and a wide range of enhanced in-text and online learning aids help ensure content mastery.

Incorporating the latest research and information on more than 20 newly covered pathologies, the Sixth Edition is now ELAP-compliant, has testing formats that better prepare students for the MBLEx exam, and has been updated to be consistent with the DSM-V.

Recurrent Erosion Syndrome and Epithelial Edema: In Vivo Morphology in the Human Cornea

by Helena M. Tabery
This book presents high-magnification in vivo images of the morphology of recurrent corneal erosions and epithelial edema as captured by non-contact photomicrography. Part I of the book, on recurrent erosion syndrome, displays images covering a broad spectrum of epithelial changes, including manifestations of the ongoing underlying pathological process and epithelial activity aimed at elimination of abnormal elements or repair. The dynamics of the interplay between these opposing forces are captured in sequential photographs that aid interpretation. Part II of the book demonstrates typical features of corneal epithelial edema and also covers the contemporaneous occurrence, and dynamics, of phenomena indistinguishable from those commonly seen in recurrent erosion syndrome. Both parts include case reports illustrating typical features and documenting variability in symptoms and findings over time. The presented morphology will facilitate understanding of clinical appearances and assist in differential diagnosis.

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